Murder by Injection -- The Story of the Medical Conspiracy against America

Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America

'This book gives you the TRUTH behind our sick Medical Monopoly - ALL the long history, "big" names you know like Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Rothchilds (bank rolled it), the interlocking directorships - medical insurance & FDA in their back pocket.

How the AMA became powerful via 2 Super Quacks - one never practiced medicine & the longest seated "president" never got a degree but ran a womans house for abortion & pimping whores and later was squeezing money from pharmaceutical companies until they became powerful enough to control him.

How the Big Pharma companies got control of medical schools, text books, professors chairs & research via "funding & grants". Big Pharma controls all research to their patent-profit-benefit. The control is like a vampire squid - notice the private for PROFIT hospitals.

There's even a tie in to Big Processed Food - all the polyunsaturated vegie dead oils like soy, corn & canola(toxic rapeseed) - all create serious toxins in digestion. Processed foods fall real short, iodine removed from bread & flour products 1987 & the goitrogen bromide forced into use and fluoride in water which is a goitrogen also, a cellular & neuro toxin (original use insect & rat poison). Do you know there are 3 cancer cures that are banned? while the so called Cancer Society continues to milk us for donation$$$.

Take your health into your own hands! Doctors are led around by Pharma reps.'

Tom C

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