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This Website has been constructed as a reference and also for ease of use and navigation.

The following Things are to be observed never the less, to make your experience even better and more fruit-full:

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  • To get back to the Default Size, please use Ctrl0 (Control + Zero)
  • Please observe the two-colour coding of the LINKS:
    • One colour has an active page with information the other not, depending on the formatting used:
      • LINK## — Page exists
      • LINK## — Page does not (yet) exist (is planned / provisional LINK - by clicking on the LINK the non existing page can be created)
  • For ease of navigation there is also a Top Menu Bar providing several extended features and short-cuts to assist the Side Menu.
  • Keeping Track with the LATEST UPDATES and EDITS, please use the Recent changes function under Admin in the Top Menu Bar.

Further Tips will be added here later.

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How to JOIN this Website?

Multiple possibilities of organizing and structuring information:


The Forum is used for DISCUSSING various TOPICS in a structured way, please be careful that you post your message under the correct THREAD, for easy reference by other users and don't post it in unrelated THREADS.


A Blog is a Page that is basically open to design as you like and spread your information.


Tags are a nice way to organize content in your Site. You can apply multiple tags (labels) to each of your pages, to refer to important contents on that specific page. The System will then use these tags and catalogue them in a n Index for easy access. You can learn more what a tag is reading Wikipedia entries for Tags and Tag cloud.

Hierarchical Structure:

Linking Pages in a HIERARCHICALLY structured way, is also possible here. To do that you would have to link the CHILD pages to a PARENT page which is then basically the page at one higher level.


A Glossary is a quick and easy way to explain words. For more involved explanations, please use the Wiki.


A Wiki is the built-in Encyclopaedia we have here, to explain things on a broader scale than just using the Glossary.

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