''My Husband is a Healer - not a Criminal !'' - Cannabis Oil confiscated !!

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Country South Africa
Category Health
(Orig.) Publ.Date: 2016-05-14

Big Clamp-Down on #Cannabis #Oil in SA ! :-(

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Cannabis Oil heals many illnesses inclusive of #Cancer and has _NO_ (underlined!) SIDE-EFFECTS (except for the Pockets of the Pharma Industry!)!!!

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Why this is important

At 2am this morning, we had a visit by 10 policemen, who arrived in 5 cars. Thankfully our dogs behaved. An informer had told the police that we sell medical cannabis oil. Thankfully on my insistence, after offering a round of tea and coffee they searched our entire 6 bedroom home in Noordhaven without waking our 3 children (miracle!). They did wake our international AirBnB guest! They left with my darling husband in the back of the van to Fish Hoek police station. They found 3 small jars of oil and 2 small Indica plants. Price to pay for healing people? I will have to educate our 3 boys about the way the world works when they wake up to find dad missing.

UPDATE 3 pm Saturday 14th:

Many miracles happened today. The Police were friendly. The fellow inmates supportive. Young people desperately trying to survive. The Prosecutor allowed him to go home on a warning without having to pay bail (we did have a very good lawyer).
Sadly all the medicine meant for healing is now gone.

PLEASE support the bigger picture and lets stop this madness:



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