Ebola Cure - Team of US Doctors invited by President of Sierra Leone

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Cure for Ebola Viral Infection: 100% Effective, 99% Ignored


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Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is the president of Sierra Leone in West Africa. By way of formal invitation, he asked a team of U.S. physicians to bring their life-saving "Ozone Therapy" to his country in an effort to "fight the Ebola viral disease."
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The U.S. physicians enjoyed meeting Dr. Koroma but soon realized he is surrounded by men who are users, self serving fools, ignorant and arrogant, and who place their lust for power and greed over the lives of innocent Ebola victims, even above the virtue of doing what is right.
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These corrupt men wanted more money to bury and incinerate the dead than any attempt at saving those who were still alive. Sadly, the U.S. team of physicians witnessed the president of Sierra Leone trusting people who should not be trusted, people who have a very different agenda than his own.
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Please share this post with everyone you know. What is going on in Sierra Leone, West Africa has ramifications throughout the entire world and will likely come back to haunt us all. Help the exposure of these events to go "viral" and with the knowledge that this exposure could be what saves your own life and the lives of your dearest loved ones.
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Dr. Robert J. Rowen


Dear Facebook Family,
I must admit, today’s news has about broken me for the next few days. Two days ago, one of the young doctors we trained in Sierra Leone emailed me about 2 more infections, citing one of the doctors as his medical school buddy, AND one of the doctors trained by Dr. Robins and me:

“Its been really difficult for us to get ozone started in large scale for treating Ebola patients.
“We have got two other doctors infected with Ebola. One of them is my class mate and we graduated the same year. He was also one of the doctors that you trained when you were in SL. This is heart breaking and pathetic. I came to know that he has tested positive for Ebola on Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014. I spoke with him the same day about having ozone and he consented and was VERY EAGER to get it. That time I spoke to him he was in the middle stage of the disease and was initially confined to Hasting Ebola treatment center. I immediately spoke with Dr. Kojo about this and also with Dr. Kanneh …..We were about to go to Hastings to start treatment for this doctor, however…….”

However is big on this one. The young doctor was transferred to another treatment center where he was REFUSED the ozone therapy he asked for. Shortly thereafter his kidneys went down, he was transferred again to receive dialysis, and became one of the two recent deaths now announced. I won’t tell you the words conveyed by the doctor to the military people, except to say that they mirrored my screams when the health ministry shut down ozone at the Hastings center during my visit.

There are a few word to describe what the Sierra Leone government did to this physician, who specifically requested ozone therapy. I won’t use it here. Now you can understand why Dr. Kanneh refused to get tested. He knew his life was on the line, so he went for ozone BEFORE getting tested, and is sill alive to continue his service to his people.

This unfolding story has all the makings of a major Hollywood movie and major novel. And, it is all real - ACTUAL NON-FICTION!
I now have lost one of my own, a doctor I trained, and at the hands of the government. Please connect the dots now. He could be one of those in the picture I attach with this post. ☹ ☹

Please see what you can do to get this story out to the world. Dr. Robins and I cannot do this alone. Two doctors dead in the last 24 hours, one requesting ozone, and we have two out of two doctors alive who did receive ozone therapy.

Here’s what an “unnamed” official in the health ministry said about these deaths.
“"We are devastated at this haemorrhaging of our healthcare workers," a senior health ministry official told the Reuters news agency, asking not to be named.”


Please help us get this message out to the world about what is really going on.

I must comment on that statement. I do not believe for one minute that they are “devastated” about this. Why? They had every opportunity to prevent this from happening. They could have let this man receive the therapy he asked for and for which President Koroma asked us to come. They know that 2 doctors have already been cured by ozone in just a few days. They could have utilized the ozone expertise we brought to protect ALL the workers. Instead they are bringing in amiodarone (and other PHARMA patented treatments) already proven NOT to work and accumulating bazillions to bury and incinerate the dead. The rest of the doctors in the country SHOULD be devastated. They are right in the firing line, and if they don’t speak up, well then………….

President Koroma, where are you now? I heard you say to us, “The health workers are our first priority!” We know your heart and your intent. What is your Ministry of Health doing to your people?

My young doctor friend in Sierra Leone is devastated. I am as well. I have lost one whom I personally met and was charged to protect. ☹ ☹ ☹

6 December 2014 · Edited

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