Monsanto is one of the largest GMO companies on the globe.



I agree with this man completely. How can you consider Monsanto's research as peer reviewed when they chose who did the reviews they did not reveal how they got their data. They don't even show how they came up with their test results. So we pretty much are taking the GMO producers word for it that it is safe. If it is safe then why are they hiding data. Why are they attacking others who do research on GMOs when those people clearly show how they have come up with their data. People you are the experiment. You may as well dip a glass into a farmers tank of pesticides or dip a spoon into a bag of Round Up and consume it because that is exactly what you are eating when you eat GMO food products.

What is Monsanto and the Government hiding from us. If anyone publishes studies showing the truth about GMO products Monsanto takes them to court knowing they won't have the money to fight them. He is using the same tactics Bill Gates used with his corrupt pursuit of wealth. He used his money to push the little guys out of the way and integrity and truth mean nothing to them. The only way to beat them is to stop buying GMO products because Monsanto controls the government now. They even have some of their former employees working for the FDA. The Government is just as must a part of it. They have passed the Monsanto Protection Act to protect them from legal action for the damages that the GMO products cause to the environment and our bodies. If these things were safe then why did they have to pass a bill protecting them.

Several studies have shown that GMO crops do not produce more. It has been shown that there is gene transfer from the GMO products in the human intestine. I have yet to read a study that shows the effects of these GMO products on a growing child , or on someone with a compromised immune system, or on someone who has intestinal or stomach problems. When those problems are present it give the BT toxins and Glyphosphate free access to our blood stream what is there to stop those from becoming a part of our body. Since it has been proven that there is gene transfer the end result would most likely be kidney disease or cancer.
Read this document to get a better picture.

Want to destroy your kidneys then continue to eat Monsanto's poison. It has been shown to do kidney damage. Just like at the studies and then look at the statistics for kidney disease. They started selling GMO products in the stores around 1993 and every since then their has been a dramatic increase in kidney disease.

If you don't believe me look at these statistics.

Most of the GMO food that is produced has not even been tested for safety so they have no idea what the effects of the pesticides that these food crops produce will be so we are the experiment. I can say this the rate of ADHD skyrocketed shortly after GMO food started being sound in stores.

Why is there a different standard for Monsanto then their is for other companies that produce experimental products. Monsanto is not required to submit or show all their data. When others want to review the data on Monsanto's poison. But yet if someone does a study contrary to Monsanto's findings they start harassing them with law suits. Monsanto's has not proven that they have a valid system of studying and collecting data but yet if someone else does a study of GMO products Monsanto will do everything they can to discredit them. They are using their power to force their poison on you. As long as you buy GMO products you are giving them even more power. They pretty much own the government now. They control our food supply and when you buy their products you support their control. They have enough power in the government that a special bill was pass to protect them from legal actions taken against them for the harm their GMO food is doing to our bodies, our children and the environment.
Peer Review

Why is their a double standard for the GMO producers when it comes to research and submitting it for review. GMO producers do not have to submit all their data. They do not have to submit how they arrived at that data. So how can any of their research be considered peer reviewed. When someone does research that contradicts the GMO producers research they use their money and political push to harass the people until they cave in and recant their research. Their is no truth in any pro GMO research and they do what they can to stifle the truth. If GMO products were safe why did they have to pass the Monsanto Protection Act. That in itself is proof that the GMO products are not safe.

Monsanto have a bunch of fake websites with fake scientist set up making fake positive comments on how good they GMO food is for us. It is set up to look like you can participate in the post if you sign up or try to post anything negative your post will not be displayed or it won't let you access the supposed comment sections. They are fake sites set up by Monsanto and the other GMO producers. I wondering how many people are big enough suckers to fall for that?
Monsanto have a bunch of fake websites with fake scientist set up making fake positive comments on how good the GMO food is for us. It is set up to look like you can participate in the post, but if you sign up or try to post anything negative your post will not be displayed or it won't let you access the supposed comment sections. They are fake sites set up by Monsanto and the other GMO producers. I'm wondering how many people are big enough suckers to fall for that? I cannot believe people do not test the truth now days. They are being lead into the concentration camps to be gasses and are to naive to realize it. The poisons that Hitler used it the gas chambers probably had about the same affects as the pesticides that GMO foods produce.

If GM foods are so safe to eat then why does Monsanto not allow them to be served in their own employees staff canteens?
He is leading people to the figurative gas chambers and the evidence is clear but no one is listening, because they are to busy following the long line that leads to that gas chamber and are afraid of losing their spot in that line.

For those of you who are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant you may want to stay away from GMO products. The toxins that they produce are the same ones that farmers use in their fields. If you eat them then it is no different then dipping a cup in a tank of pesticides or herbicides and drinking it because studies have shown that these pesticides produced by the plants have been found in the mothers and the child’s blood stream showing that they can cross the placenta. If you don't believe it read this document.

Have you developed a sensitivity to Gluten? GMO products my be the culprit. They now suspect that GMO food products are causing Celiac Disease . Read this document.

Don't want to get breast cancer stop eating GMO foods. Here is a study from our own governments website showing that the glyphosate which is one of the ingredients that GMO products are genetically altered to produce, causes breast cancer. Source

OK ladies, having problems with your uterus or your stomach? This study on GMO food products has shown that they affect the uterus and stomach.

Here is another study from our governments website that shows that the GMO foods have not been properly studied and they also show that they do affect the bodies organs.

Well when this comes to fruition then Monsanto and the other GMO producers will be able to spread their poison on a world wide scale. If you are buying GMO poison then you are supporting their poisoning of our food supply and our soil. In a very short time you will be supporting a world wide poisoning of our planet. This is what you are setting your children up for, so if you want to see them suffering from stomach problems, kidney disease , cancer , ADHD and many others diseases that that GMOs cause then keep buying them so you can continue to watch your children get nauseated and unexplained fevers and food allergies for no reason, stomach getting bloated and having stomach and intestinal pains . Constant trips to the doctors only to have them tell you that is is allergies or they prescribe antibiotics which only makes the problems worse. If you are tired of making trips to the doctors stop buying GMO foods. Monsanto and the other GMO producers have to much control of the political systems for us to be able to stop them politically but if we stop buying their products then we can hopefully take their power away from them because those who have the money control the power. Politicians listen to the money and not the citizens now. They forget how well we prospered when they listened to the citizens. They seem to think that greed is a better guide the honor and integrity.



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