GMO Gene Transfers and Toxins.

GMO Plasmid

Plasmid is small DNA molecule within a cell that is physically separated from chromosomal DNA and can replicate independently. They often carry genes that may benefit the survival of the organism. For example it could help an organism adapt to an antibiotic. They are kind of like a data storage area for an organism.
One of the processes used by an organism is horizontal gene transfer and that is the method an organism, usually bacteria uses to develop a resistance to antibiotics. Genes that are responsible for antibiotic resistance in one bacteria can be transfered to a different species of bacteria. Thus bacteria can learn to adapt from each other.
Artificial horizontal transfer is used in genetic engineering. This is the process used in engineering GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) The GMO products you purchase have been engineered in this way. They manipulate an organisms genome by isolating and copying the genetic material of interest. Then they insert it into the host organism. They combine it with the host organisms gene by using various techniques to knock a part of the host organism genes out and replacing it with the gene of interest.
This is were my concern comes in. They use plasmid in this process, plasmids have been shown to transfer genes between to different types of organisms so they learn to adapt from each other. Now what if these plasmids permit the modified genes to be transferred? Now I believe that you could end up with a new super bug with characteristics and traits that they have never seen before. Their own studies have shown that this does take place in the intestines. They claim it is unlikely to happen. That statement in itself is contradictory to their findings. How can you state in your findings they are unlikely to happen if you have already proven they do happen?
This is another concern I have. Some of the pesticides and herbicides that they have been modified to produce are the very same ones that we were warned to wash our fruit to make sure there wasn't any residue remaining thus getting consumed. Now there is no way to avoid consuming them because they are built into the crops as part of their genetic makeup so they are a part of the food. Pesticides like BT Toxins (Bacillus Thurengeinsis) and Glyphosate (Round Up) Would you dip a glass in a farmers tank of herbicides or pesticides and take a drink? Would you dip a spoon into a bag of Round Up and eat a spoonful. You may as well if you are eating GM food products because they contain these chemicals in their genes. Studies have shown that these do reach our blood streams.




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